DC Lock and Key Banner imgage. North Carolina Locksmithing Association License Number 0440. Sylva phone number 828-631-5000.
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Residential Services Provided:

  • Locks Rekeyed - Increases Security and Eliminates Unwanted Access by Disabling the use of old keys, and Enabling the use of a new different key.
  • New Original Keys generated and Duplicated as Needed - Old Keys Copied if Needed
  • New Knob Locks, Lever Locks and Deadbolts Installed
  • Locks Picked when the key is not accessible or available
  • Latches, Bolts and Strikes Adjusted to restore proper operation of your Locks and Doors
  • Home Safes Opened, Combinations Changed, New ones Sold and Installed

Benefits of On-Site Residential Service:

  • On-Site rekeying saves you the trouble of removing the locks from the doors, taking them to a locksmith shop, leaving them to be rekeyed, picking them up and reinstalling them. Our service prevents you from leaving your home unsecured during this process and avoids the stress of hoping that someone will be able to rekey your locks the same day.
  • All keys cut are tested for proper operation on location when they are cut.
  • In addition to rekeying your locks you will also have the added advantage of a professional ensuring proper installation and operation of your locks by adjusting strikes, hinges or latches when needed.
  • Same day or next day service most jobs.
  • Having an experienced professional available to answer any security questions or concerns
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We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
Sylva: (828) 631-5000